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ILD commenced its operation in 1987. The Company has been promoted by ‘The Motor and General Finance Limited’(MGF), New Delhi a pioneer in the field of financial services, along with Equity Participation from International Finance Corporation, Washington, U.S.A an associate of The World Bank and Punjab National Bank.

Today ILD has a shareholder base of 10000 shareholders, besides the above equity participation from Promoters.. The shares of the company are listed at Bombay Stock Exchange Limited. The company use to operates in the field of providing finance for commercial vehicles, automobiles, construction, earth moving equipments and machineris. The major clientele of the company were small road transport operators (SRTO) owning one to five trucks and small to medium contractors engaged in the activity of road construction, minning, earthmoving and other allied activities.

The company is registered with Reserve Bank of India under category 'B' which denotes Non Banking Financial Institution without accepting poblic deposits.

Geographical the company has its presence mainly in north India. The company operates out of registered office situated at MGF House, 4/17-B, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi.

Your integrity,values and vision will continue to guide and inspire us for all our activities and future growth.
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